Task 1


Raising the decentralisation of 1inch protocol through implementing p2p storage network client for 1inch Fusion

Amount Prize: up to $5000 in 1INCH

Bounty Description

1inch recently launched a new Fusion mode. Users need to create an order to make the trade. Order can be stored through p2p network and executed based on 1inch Limit Order protocol. Solution must allow to store and return data about user orders via REST API with the same specification as described at 1inch docs here.

Solution must be MIT license based. Any party must have an opportunity to run solution inside docker container. The sync mechanism must be also implemented, you can use any third party open source libraries like libp2p https://libp2p.io.

What does success look like?

  1. Simplicity to run
  2. Performance of API (latency + RPS using through localhost) and speed of the sync between nodes (amount of orders per hour)
  3. Quality of code base (using basic patterns, modern languages, good project observability) and tests coverage (Unit + Integration tests)
  4. Implementation of data structures and API methods as described at docs
  1. Documentation (how to use, how to contribute)
  2. Multiple options for storage (built in storage like SQLite or something like PostgreSQL)